Descend into the depths of a hidden cave in search of an ancient, long lost weapon.

I was planning on doing the "Tradeoff" wildcard, but I just hated the way it felt, so I ditched the idea.

The game works ok in the browser, but as seems to often be the case, some things feel a bit laggy, especially audio. I do have an alternate version available with threads enabled, which can be found here: https://nisovin.com/riftmaker. Also this is using WebGL 2, so it probably doesn't work in all browsers (like Safari). Overall, I recommend the downloaded version, but the web version is playable.


This game supports both keyboard+mouse and controller (on-screen help assumes xbox controller). The controls are hinted in the game, but I will list them here for reference.

Move - WASD / Left stick
Jump - Space / A
Dash - Shift / X
Attack 1 - Left click / Right trigger
Attack 2 - Right click / Left trigger
Interact - E / Y
Pause - Esc or P / Start


The gameplay was created by me, but most of the art and audio was sourced from other places. A more complete list is in game, but I wanted to mention a few here.

Art Sources:

Rogue Knight - Kronovi

Pixel Fantasy Caves - Szadi

Pixel Monsters 3 - rvros 


"The Island of Dr. Sinister" and "Darkess Approaches"
by Eric Matyas

Sound Effects:

Eric Matyas



riftmaker_windows.zip 33 MB
riftmaker_macos.zip 46 MB
riftmaker_linux.zip 34 MB

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