Every year on the winter solstice, a magical orb captures within it the light of the stars. A chosen adventurer must carefully bear this sacred Orblight through the ancient ruins to the heart of the temple, where it can bring life to the world for another year.

As that chosen adventurer, it is your responsibility to safely carry the orb. It has great powers and can aid you on your journey. You cannot run and jump as well while carrying the orb, so you will need to yo-yo it to make your way through the temple. But be careful: it is very fragile and will shatter easily.


If you are not using Chrome, you can use this link to get a version that will potentially run better (like in Firefox):



A/D or Left-stick: Move
Space or A: Jump
Hold and release left-click or right-trigger: Throw orb
Hold left-click or right-trigger: Pull orb to you
Mouse-move or right-stick: Aim (while holding throw)


If you're stuck (or lazy), I've uploaded a full play-through on Youtube. Only watch it if you want to be spoiled!

High Scores


Orblight_win.zip 27 MB
Orblight_linux.zip 28 MB
Orblight_mac.zip 42 MB


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