Lei Sizmo

Many people see wizards use magic portals and assume it is an easy and convenient way to instantaneously teleport to another place. As a wizard, you know the truth: portals take you to the realm of Lai Sizmo, where you must traverse a dangerous path. Yes, it is faster than normal travel, but it is also risky. Yet, you do it anyway. How could you travel any other way?


Travel the slightly randomly generated path, killing enemies along the way until you reach the portal at the other end. The less health you have, the more mana you have, making you more powerful but putting you at greater risk.


  • WASD / Left-stick -- Move
  • L-Click / R-Trigger -- Hold to fire magic missiles
  • R-Click / L-Trigger -- Hold to fire energy beam
  • Space / R-Shoulder -- Hold to charge up fireball
  • Shift / L-Shoulder -- Blink in direction of movement
  • F / Xbox-Y -- Knock back nearby enemies
  • C / Xbox-X -- Sacrifice health to gain mana
  • Q / Xbox-B -- Heal

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