Two teams of bumblebees have arrived to compete in the Bumblebee Blitz competition! Collect nectar from flowers to help lead your team to victory!

Very loosely inspired by a certain wizard sport.


  • Collect nectar from yellow flowers and carry it back to your hive to earn 10 points
  • Carrying the nectar makes you slow, so pass it to allies when possible
  • Bump into bees from the enemy team to force them to drop the nectar
  • Use the red nectar to shoot at other bees
  • Watch out for the purple super flowers! The first team to collect it gains 25 points
  • Look out for ladybugs as well, catching one earns your team 3 points


Left-click to move toward mouse
Hold and release right-click to use ability (boost, pass, shoot)
Esc to open game menu
Enter to chat

Left stick to move
Hold and release A/X button to use ability (boost, pass, shoot)

Touch screen: (works but isn't great)
Hold touch to move toward finger
Double tap and hold to use ability


This game has multiplayer. Hopefully it's working, but if the server is down you can still play offline. The netcode isn't really well optimized so it can be a bit laggy, and I'm sure it's full of plenty of bugs. Still, it seems to at least work!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)

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