A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


For millennia, the elves of Novalunis have defended the ancient Lunar Bastions. At the heart of each bastion lies a Moonstone, said to be fallen pieces of the Moon herself. Their long-term proximity to the Moonstones has given them the ability to harness lunar powers.

The Solarine Empire seeks to destroy the Moonstones, believing that doing so will increase their own power. While the Novalunis gain their power from the moon, the Solarines gain their power from the Sun. These beings of anger and flames come from a far off land, and the Novans are struggling to defend against their overwhelming advance.

The odds of winning this war are less than the chance of landing an arrow on the moon, but you must fight to the very last to defend your bastion.

Objective and Gameplay

Your objective is to defend the Lunar Bastion against the endless forces of the Solarine Empire. Though you do not believe you can withstand them forever, you must last for as long as you possibly can.

This is designed as a multiplayer game, where you must work as a team with your fellow players. A singleplayer option is also available, but the game isn't really balanced around that. Of course, if the server crashes, you won't have a choice.

Upon joining the game, you can choose between being either a Warrior or an Archer, each of which has unique abilities. Descriptions of your abilities, and other various things, can be found in tooltips during the game.

You will start by defending the outer walls. Once they are breached, you will need to fall back to defending the forward Moonshrine. After that falls to the enemy, you will need to fall back to defend the bastion walls, and eventually the inner Moonshrine. Once that shrine falls, the game is over.


WASD - Move
Left-click - Primary attack
Right-click - Alternate attack
Shift/Space - Movement/defensive ability
R - Ultimate ability
E - Interact / repair walls
Enter - Chat
Tab - Open player list and map overlay
F11 - Toggle fullscreen mode

The game also works reasonably well with a controller, although various menu options must be accessed with the mouse.


This game takes a fairly loose interpretation of the theme "Moonshot", primarily focusing on the provided definition of moonshot thinking: "a type of thinking that aims to achieve something that is generally believed to be impossible". Given it is a multiplayer game, it is also a fairly ambitious project, though that use of the term feels a bit like cheating. There are also many moon themes, including an ability called Moonshot. (of course!)


novalunis-win-alpha.zip 41 MB
Version 0.1.16 Dec 01, 2020
novalunis-linux-alpha.zip 42 MB
Version 0.1.16 Dec 01, 2020
novalunis-macos.zip 42 MB
Version 0.1.16 Dec 01, 2020